Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yesterday was NUTS!!!

(This is not my photo. Thank you Google images.)
At 5:15 am on Wednesday morning I woke up to severe thunder and lightning. The storm was right over our house. (Not always, but usually, the lightning storms are on the west side of the lake.) There was so much lightning. It was like someone was switching the light in our room off and on. Each strike of lightning was immediately followed by an intense crash of thunder. I peeked out my bedroom window and watched the lightning bolts strike the hills behind our house. It was quite the show! It didn't take long (maybe five minutes) before everyone was up. Paul and I started scurrying around the house turning off the computers and unplugging things. I kept looking out the windows watching the rain, wind and lightning. It was insane. Within 20-30 minutes the storm had moved south and we had to work to settle down and fall back asleep. 

Apparently I managed because Andrew brought in my cell phone at 9:15 am saying that it had just woke him up. I looked fuzzy eyed at who had called. It was Paul. I texted him asking what he needed. It took a few minutes but he texted back asking if I remembered Emma's doctor's appointment. 


No, I hadn't. Her appointment was at 9:40 and if I obeyed the traffic laws it takes 10 minutes to get to the doctor's office. I shot out of bed and looked in the mirror. Skipping my shower was not an option. I yelled down the hall to Emma to get up and get dressed. I don't think she had a clue what was going on but she obeyed. I showered as fast as I could. We were all dressed and out the door by 9:35 but I had wet ponytail hair and no make-up. I miraculously managed to get to the office only two minutes late.

Emma is in the 50th percentile for weight

and the 75th percentile for height (She's 5 feet 1.5 inches)

Since she had *just* gotten up and had already used the potty so she needed to drink a juice box to help her muster up a "sample" LOL! 

She was so nervous about getting her shots. I thought I was going to have to wrestle her to the ground right there in the office. Finally she settled down and got them. She did great. By that evening she looked like this. I don't think she looks like she is suffering do you? Her arm is sore today and she still thinks there is "just something wrong with sticking a needle in an arm." I have to agree. 

After we were done we went grocery shopping and got some lunch. We weren't done with the storms though. We got rained on again that afternoon and then again in the evening. It would only rain really hard for about 10 minutes.  Each time there was major water pooling in the roads. (I don't want to say flooding since it went away as quickly as it came and I don't think it caused any damage in our area. Thank goodness.) 
This was right as the rain was starting to slow down.

 The water was just rushing right down the hill like a small stream. It had started to recede by the time I got my camera.

The kids thought it was pretty great.

It was an intense 24 hours. Mother Nature was having a good time. The wonderful news is our house finally cooled down and we didn't have any damage from the storms. We woke up this morning to 65 degrees on the thermostat. It felt so nice after being as hot as we've been. 

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Addison AND Crews Mama said...

The storm up here was crazy too! Crazy but love it! ;)