Thursday, July 1, 2010

We're Easily Amused

Before school got out I got a few things that I thought would be entertaining for the kids to try over the summer. Jiffy Pop was one of those things. They have been asking since the day I brought it home if they could make it. I've been putting it off because I didn't know for sure what to do with it. Finally I admitted why I hadn't done it yet and they convinced me today was the day to try it. I couldn't argue with them. It's hot, I'm feeling too lazy to do much else and they were bored. When I read the instructions it said not to use it on the flat top stoves. Oops. We made it anyway and it ended up working just fine. Maybe it's because my range sucks and doesn't ever cool down. 

Here are some more pictures of the kids in action. Who knew that kids could be so easily amused by something that only cost two bucks!?! The bonus? It ended up tasting really good too! Way better than I remembered it.

I'm thinking that I accidentally punctured the edge of Emma's when I was taking the cardboard off the top. All of a sudden the side gave and popcorn started shooting out the side. We hurried and moved it off the heat. 

It didn't get popped all the way but it was still enough. 

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Twisted Chicken said...

That looks so fun! I didn't even know you could still buy Jiffy Pop. Now I must go find some. Back small kid time I always loved Jiffy pop.