Friday, July 9, 2010


Several of us have been wanting to have a girl's night out. We've been planning on seeing Eclipse since late April. Well planning a night out is hard work. There are a lot of schedules to coordinate. On Tuesday I ran into Kari, Maria and Rees on a walk and they asked when we were going to see Eclipse. We decided to try for this week. I knew the cub scouts were going to Camp Jeremiah Johnson and would be gone all Friday morning. I asked if anyone was up for a morning showing while the boys were away. Miraculously everyone could make it!

We got to the theater bright and early, so early in fact that it wasn't even open yet. Rees and I took the girls with us. Emma loves Jacob and was totally excited to go.

It was a good show but there were a couple of parts where I wanted to cover Emma's eyes and ears.

We had a lot of fun even though the trip was a little rushed. (We had to be back in time for the boys so we couldn't get lunch.)

One of these days we will have to have a true night out with dinner and everything but for now a little vampire loving and time with friends was just what I needed.


Wingnut said...

So, can you rank it for me?

I loved Twilight because it felt sorta "campy" to me and I was happy to see the story put to a movie.

I did NOT enjoy New Moon...I thought it was laughable. Just couldn't "buy it" while I watched it. Every time the wolves transformed I wanted to cover my eyes because the computer generated images looked awful to me. Really cheesey even.

So, if YOU had to rank them in order of would Eclipse rank?

Wingnut said...

Thanks for popping over to my blog and give me your personal review :) I think we'll wait for the DVD after all.