Monday, July 19, 2010

We're Easily Amused-Round Two

Have you played with cornstarch goo? I'm sure you have. Hasn't everyone? If you haven't, you add cornstarch and a little water. Sometimes when you try to pick up the goo or stir it it's hard. When you are still it just drips off your hand. Basically it is like a solid and a liquid all at once. Great fun!

Friday the kids and I worked hard getting the kitchen and dining area cleaned up. It was looking pretty good, especially for us. That afternoon Andrew had a brilliant idea. The question I posed on Facebook was "What is it about a clean kitchen that makes kids want to do science experiments?" I figured it couldn't be that bad so I helped them get started.

No mom, it won't be messy at all.

Look mom, it doesn't sink.

Sigh! Nope, no messes at all, right kids?

It took a long time to get all the cornstarch off the counters, the floor and the sink. Each time I'd wipe things down it would dry and leave a cloudy film. The kids had fun though and eventually it did all get cleaned up.

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Heidi said...

hehe! That looks barely messy. ;) We have that same goofy bouncy ball.