Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Welcome to our ool

(Don't you love the way the retro action looks on this picture!)
A few weeks ago I did some Photoshop work for the wards young men president. He needed some pictures taken of some art work and a collage made from that and some other pictures that were taken on the boys high adventure. In return the kids and I were invited to use their pool. Today was the perfect day. It was hot but not too hot. Paul  said it didn't get into the 90's today. I think it did.

I love pools. When I was growing up I spent every summer in my grandparent's pool. Being in the water in second nature to me. This is one of my favorite things to see. Look at that. Doesn't it look inviting? 

The kids were so anxious to swim. 

I brought both cameras with me today. The underwater camera is not the best camera in the world but it is so fun. 

I love this picture. Do you know how many times I've sat on the bottom of a pool and looked up to see this. I'm tickled to have "caught" it. 

We had a really nice time. We were there almost three hours and I took almost 400 pictures! 

I showed Emma my stylin' pool do. 

She tried it too. 

Then we played with water and hair some more. 

Then I started taking pictures of myself. I decided I wanted an underwater picture for my facebook profile picture. This is the one I chose. 

I sort of like this one too. 

I have a bit of a sunburn but it's worth it. We had a great day. 


Wingnut said...

Fantastic pics!!! The one looking up at the sun is fabulous!!

Debbie said...

Really great action shots! 400 pictures! Wow!!

Heidi said...

You got some fantastic pics! I have been thinking about an underwater camera, and I think I might just spring for it now! So cool!