Sunday, July 4, 2010

Proud to be an American! (Part Two)

We headed down to Provo last night for the Stadium of Fire. We didn't buy tickets this year so we headed to the Marriott Center to hang out and wait for fireworks. Of course I had a bunch of goofy 4th of July garb for the kids to wear. I love Target's one spot. 

This year Andrew has been in charge of lighting fireworks. The boy is a pyro. We have to keep an eye on him. He's been carrying the lighter all around the house.  

Here is Emma channeling her inner Karate Kid (She's never even seen the movies) She is starting to look so grown up. It won't be long before she will want to be with friends instead of family. :(

Matt, Ben and John followed us down and decided to hang with us. There was so much traffic, it took forever to get to BYU. I'm not sure they thought it was worth it, but we were glad they were there. 

Andrew tried to stink us out with more smoke balls.

Aren't we cute? Okay don't answer that. 

The kids are so goofy. 


This is why I go to the Stadium of Fire. I LOVE the roar of these jets. It rocks my world. We really didn't think we were going to get to see them this year.

The show started at 8:00 p.m. We drove through traffic to get there in time to see the jets. Well eight o'clock came and went. We could hear the music and the crowd cheering. 8:15 came and went. I was getting very sad. 8:30 came and still no jets. They  usually start the show. All of a sudden we could hear the Star Spangled Banner. I started getting excited. I knew they would come and sure enough. We saw them way off in the northern sky. I was soooo giddy. The sound, oh my goodness the sound. I was like a kid. The traffic, the waiting, the sitting in a parking lot for hours, these jets made it totally worth it. 

We passed the hours till the show with fireworks, sparklers and chatting. 

Oh and of course by taking pictures. 

I love this picture. Look at the intense look in his eyes. 

A little later in the evening D, J, M and M showed up!

Who can resist sparklers?

No 4th of July is complete without glow sticks.

Then it was time. FIREWORKS!!! I love watching fireworks. 

The cousins were so cute watching them together.

And here are the adults. We had a good time. Thanks everyone for joining us! 


Heidi said...

Great shots! I loved your sparkler and the firework pics are really good! We didn't watch any this year.

Debbie said...

Your pictures of the fireworks are awsome! Did you use a tripod?

Thanks for the info about the blog format. I changed my format today but I don't think I can use x-large, the pictures go into the sidebar. How do you get two vertical pictures together?

I think this is going to take some time before it becomes routine.

Thanks for the help.

Debbie said...

After two nights up later than I should, I think I have finally gotten my new blog basically the way I like it. I tried adjusting the width like you said, but I don't have a wide screen computer and then I couldn't see the sidebar. Oh well, it will have to do. I'm too tired to tweak it anymore tonight!-