Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 6 ~ Planetarium and the Magnificent Mile

Sunday morning we decided to sleep in and go out for a big breakfast. Andrew got up and went downstairs and got a muffin, egg and sausage from the hotel. We took our time getting ready that morning hoping Andrew would get hungry again. This left the rest of us starving. 

I suggested we go to a place right across from the hotel. That was a major mistake. I think we were the only ones in there under 143. It was like time stood still. It took forever to get our food and once it came it was pretty gross. I ordered an omelette and it was more like a frittata. How can you mess up an omelette? 

Anyway, we ordered oatmeal for Andrew and he didn't eat it. His attitude was horrible. When we got back to the hotel we had a major discussion with our boy. There were tears, some harsh words and apologies. From that point forth he was much better. We should had that talk much earlier in the vacation...

We got the Planetarium around 2:00 pm. We didn't spend a lot of time there, it was a little over all of our heads. We did see two shows. The one we enjoyed most was Night Sky Live where they showed what we would see in the Chicago sky that night.

The kids got to go in a mock space shuttle. Here they are in space beds. 

Then we found space toilets LOL! I love potty humor more than just about anything. This picture of Andrew makes me giggle. 

Emma near the surface of the sun.


The moon! 

The good news was the weather was GORGEOUS!!! There was a cool breeze, clear skies and the humidity was almost gone. We spent some time walking around the planetarium near the lake. It was lovely.

We decided to take the kids to the Magnificent Mile for a little shopping. Top on the list was the American Girl store. Emma was in awe. The store had moved since I was there last. The new store in even bigger! It was enormous. She didn't know where to start. She wanted to get a new dog so we made our way up to the accessories. 

We didn't think Paul was going to find parking so we rushed thinking we would have to hop back in the car after he went around the block. We got a call saying he had parked so Emma got to spend a little more time in the store.


We got to walk to meet Paul and enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city. 

We found a Lego store for Andrew. He wanted one of everything of course!

I wanted this Woody. How cute is he?!?


We enjoyed walking around the city looking at all the big buildings. 


As we were driving out of the city we realized that they had been filming for Transformers 3 again. Paul circled back around and dropped the three of us off. We had to keep moving, if you stopped walking they yelled at you and I couldn't use a flash. They were done filming for the day but it was still so cool. We can't wait to see the movie and watch for these scenes. 


Here is Emma's new puppy Pepper. 

And Andrew with his new tiny Lego. 

We got dinner on the way home and then the kids swam for a while back at the hotel. Whew, only two more days to go...

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