Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Paul had a Birthday, Shout Hooray!

This weekend we celebrated Paul's birthday. Sunday we made a special dinner for him. It was tri-tip, twice baked potatoes, pasta salad and corn on the cob. We were all very anxious to give him our gifts but he wanted to wait until after dinner.

As soon as dinner was over we put a few candles on his birthday cookies and sang Happy Birthday.
There weren't enough candles for me to get the traditional candle blowing, puffed cheek picture. Dang it. I got him some ties to go with some shirts that he got at the outlets a while back.

Andrew got him a memory foam pillow.

And Emma went with me to get this book that he's been wanting for a while. 

On Monday we celebrated some more with some lunch, cake and ice cream with Paul's family.

His sister got him this book. He loved it! His other sister got him a card with a gift card that we are totally excited to us.

On Sunday while I was making Paul's dinner I got burned. I was baking bacon and when I opened the oven and reached down to pull out the shelf it popped and got me on the inside of my left arm, all over my shirt and my neck. I have six dots on the inside of my arm that are barely noticeable. My neck hurt the worst and even blistered a bit. Emma reminded me that we had an Aloe Vera plant and once I started using that it felt a lot better. Now I look like I have hickeys. Lovely. I know this isn't a flattering picture but Emma wouldn't stop taking pictures so I stuck my tongue out at her and it happens to show my burns pretty well. 

I hope you had a happy birthday honey. We love you very much! 


Heidi said...

Fun way to celebrate. Any your neck does look like hickeys! Are you sure you weren't "celebrating"? ;)

My dad would love that Cowboy's book, I'll have to check that out.

Happy Birthday Paul! (from a random stranger on the net!)

~*~Amber~*~ said...

That is the greatest team ever, just sayin'! :)

rlg said...

What a beautiful family!