Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis the Season...

We have had a lot of stress since Thanksgiving but finally that's all behind us. Luckily, just last week, on Thursday to be exact, we found out all is well. What a relief and blessing. Now it's time to enjoy the holidays LOL!

We've done some things here and there but most nights we've just stayed home and watched Christmas movies together. Here's a smattering of what we've done.

On December 4th we watched An Elf's Story. It was really cute. We all enjoyed it and I learned a lot about elves. I used to think they were pretty lame but after watching this show I thought one could be a fun addition to Christmas. When it was over Emma declared "I want an elf!" Hmmm.

It took a while but we finally got the tree in the house on the 5th & decorated on the 6th. There were some issues with the lights so we didn't get it decorated on the first night. We went back to having the full sized tree this year. Note to self, don't do that again. It's too big! 

Every year I look forward to putting on the new ornaments that we've collected on our vacations through the year. This is Bidwell Mansion from our summer trip to Chico.

There were many nights spent watching the Christmas shows in MY bed. I prefer the kids to be downstairs.  

We've tried two new recipes. Both were good! I'll do a different post with the recipes.

Sunday (Dec. 11th) morning we woke up to a special visitor in our tree. Emma's wish had come true. I'm thinking Santa must have heard her. All of a sudden we had an elf! The kids named him Buddy like from the movie Elf. 

We were all enthralled. Where had he come from? He's been very busy ever since arriving.  

On Monday he was in our stockings.

Tuesday he tried roasting marshmallows.

Wednesday we found him in a tender embrace with Santa.

If you touch the elf they lose their magic. Emma is very worried that someone is going to touch him. Paul and Andrew do everything they can the tease her. So far they haven't actually touched Buddy but they sure have come close.

Thursday he was high on the shelf with an arm full of candy canes.

The kids are still loving their Lego advent calendars.

Friday Buddy went ninja on us by zip lining between the fan and the tree. He sure has been entertaining us this holiday season! 

Meanwhile Marius is still a turd. 

On Saturday the 10th Paul and I went back to SLC to attend the temple, the kids got to have a cousin party birthday party, I got more macarons from the Grand America and we window shopped at Trolley Square.

I got a peppermint, chocolate orange and a cranberry. I can't tell you how much I enjoy these little yummies. I could eat them daily. Daily I tell you! 

Sunday the 11th we made rosette cookies. 

Oh baby!

On Friday the 9th we had a ward Christmas party. It was a Polar Express theme so we were allowed to wear pajamas. I was asked to take pictures of the kids and Santa. I managed to get in a few shot though. It was a lot of fun. I love our ward.  

The relief society presidency minus Virginia.

Emma and I

I never get to visit with Santa it's always the kids who get to sit on his lap and tell them what they want so when I got a chance this year I took it! Thanks Ariel for taking the picture for me.

The kids after church.

Andrew sizing up Buddy!

This picture should be up with the other pictures of Buddy on the first day. Andrew is the one that discovered him. He was not too sure about him at first. 

Saturday morning (the 10th)  we found out our next quilting assignment. Ack! I have to make these during the holidays? Help!

Hypsta Buddy! 

Saturday morning we found Buddy joyriding in a warthog.

On Sunday Buddy took it easy and snuggled up with a good book. 

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rlg said...

I smiled the whole time looking and reading you blog with Buddy and your family. Bruce said,"She really is clever." and you are. Very entertaining and cute!