Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let the Countdown Begin! December 1st & 2nd

These kids need to learn to behave for pictures or I have every right to embarrass them to no end. 

We had been waffling on whether or not we were going to do the Countdown to Christmas activities this year. I really wanted to but knew it would be a time and financial commitment. Andrew really wanted a Lego advent calendar and Emma sort-of did too. Paul thought we could get them those and then throw in some activities here and there. I wasn't ready to give up on the nightly activities though. When we found out about the furnace I was thankful that we already had the Lego sets. I had to let the daily clue cards and activities go. We have still managed to have fun though.

Before we had gotten the Lego advent calendars I got the chocolate ones (I think I bought them in October!) and a snowman one from Target's $1 section. Does anyone need three advent calendars? Heaven's no. I'll just chalk it up to poor planning on my part. On December 1st we presented the kids with their piles of advent calendars LOL! The Legos were obviously the biggest hit. The snowmen are suffering the most. Poor bald snowmen. 

This series of pictures literally makes me laugh out loud. These kids have been posing for me for over a decade. You would think they could figure it out by now but nope. This is what I got. Sillies! 

"Forget it. Just open your dang calendars!"

Cheap waxy chocolate is a long standing tradition. Don't worry that nasty fingernail polish is long gone. Ewww! 

Star Wars

Lego City

One of the sad snowmen. Andrew's still only has one pom pom.

Day 1

On December 2nd we stayed home and watched this as a family. It took us a while but suddenly we started noticing things that looked familiar. I quickly Googled and found out it was filmed in entirely Utah. The scenes at the Gateway mall and Pirate Island were the giveaways. This is NOT my favorite show so this wasn't the most enjoyable activity for me but it was nice being together as a family. 

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rlg said...

Pretty cute those kids of yours. Just love them.