Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm Humbled

I am truly humbled this year by all the love and generosity that has been shown to us by family, friends and neighbors. 

Since we won't be able to be together on Christmas the last two Monday evenings were spent having special visits with both my parents and Paul's. Each visit was wonderful. Stories were shared, tears shed, love felt and memories made.

We were invited to spend some time in Park City with Paul's older sister and her family. It was great. They were so generous with gifts, pizza and their time in their hotel. The cousins had great fun swimming in 19 degree weather, experiencing frozen hair and watching Christmas shows on TV while the adults talked and laughed.

We've had friends dropping off little goodies here and there. We've had Nutter Butters made into Santa

and holiday towels just to name a couple of the things we've received. They have all mean so much and make us feel so special. Andrew went to drop off a candy bar for a classmate and came out with a candy bar & marshmallow shooter for himself and a bag full of beautiful goodies for me. Wow! Our tree already looks loaded with gifts and goodies and everything is from friends and family.

I feel like our little tokens of love and appreciation pale in comparison but I know these people and I know they don't give with hopes to receive. They give because they are kind, generous and good.

I am so thankful for all the amazing people that we are blessed to have as a part of our lives. We are so so lucky. I can't thank them enough for all they do and the love they show us.

The cousins in the room in Park City last night

Walking to the pool, outside and please note, it's 19 degrees people.

Did our kids stay in the indoor portion of the pool? Of course not. They were outside the entire time.

Walking back to the room was gorgeous but so unbelievably cold! They hair literally froze on the walk back.

A pretty little fire along the way. It was too cold even think about sitting near it.

We Want to Wish You All A Merry Christmas! 

(We did not send out traditional cards this year but if we had this would have been the picture we used.) 

Merry Christmas everyone! We love you.

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