Saturday, December 24, 2011

Buddy the Elf

We have really enjoyed having Buddy visit us. He's added a lot of laughs and excitement. We never knew if he was going to joyride in a Warthog, 

Read a Christmas book, 

Make snow angels out of flour on my counter, 

fish in my Fiesta,

or get himself all tangled up in Christmas wrap supplies.

(I'm a little sad. When I first saw Buddy all "wrapped up" he also had a roll of scotch tape hanging off of him but it fell off before the pictures and I didn't even notice. Seriously considering a re-creation.)

One night he made a banner out of toilet paper letting the kids know how many days were left.

The next morning we found him taking a marshmallow bath on my coffee table with a special message. As if we didn't already know that elves rule!

This is the last morning that we get to wake up to see what Buddy has been up to. He wanted to remind us of the true meaning of Christmas. We found him holding baby Jesus in the manger.

We are going to miss Buddy a lot. 

Here are the Hipsta versions

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