Thursday, December 22, 2011

It just keeps getting better!

I don't mean to sound braggy. That isn't the point of this. I'm just so honestly touched.

We just had a box of toffee dropped off. Yum!

Then, less than 30 minutes later we opened the door to a Christmas rap. It was rapped to us by two of the cutest rappers ever! They were talented too I might add. Beat boxing and everything. At the end of the rap they presented us with a roll of wrapping paper.

Honestly, I want to pay them to come back and do it again so I can record it. It was that awesome! I'm sad Paul and Andrew missed it.

I'm truly feeling the true meaning of Christmas.

For those who may be interested this link will take you to a video put out by our church of Christ's birth. It's beautiful.

Bible Video of Christ's birth

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