Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Eve

This is the first Christmas Eve that we have spent all alone in a long time. It was different for us but still good. I made ham, funeral potatoes, rolls and corn. I wanted my raspberry jell-o salad but knew we had more than enough food as it was. I have to admit I got grouchy that afternoon doing all the cooking for just the four of us. It seemed like a waste but once we sat down I was glad we were having our traditional meal. 

We always get new PJ's on Christmas Eve. Usually they arrive on the porch and some point and then the doorbell will mysteriously ring and the kids find them. This year they had gotten safely to the porch but we weren't sure how to get the doorbell to ring. Well it ends up we didn't have to worry about it. Andrew spilled water all over his old PJ's so he went to the door to yell to the elves to hurry up and deliver the new ones. Lo and behold there they were, just waiting to be found. How convenient ; )

Andrew started stripping before we were even ready for them open the gifts. (We didn't think they would find them so early) He had to sit and wait topless while Paul finished the dishes and I got the camera ready. 

They both liked what Santa had picked for them.

I don't have a remote for my camera anymore so it was really hard to get a family picture. This is the best we got.

Of course we had to do a silly picture as a reward for their patience and perseverance. 

Me and my babies

Paul and I on Christmas Eve

After pictures we watched the nativity movie that the church put out.   We went upstairs and put out my mom's nativity. We talked about the birth of the Jesus, the blessing it is in our lives and shared our testimonies of our beliefs. Andrew was really touched. I love seeing that side of him. It will be a special memory for me.

It was then time for the kids to be banished to their rooms so Santa and Mrs. Claus could do their work. Marius was kind enough to guard the sheet that was blocking the kids view into the living room. (If we didn't put up a sheet they would see everything on each trip to the potty or each time they wanted water.) Marius loved the sheet and did a great job making sure no one peeked.  

We didn't do a big Santa gift this year. We just had a bunch of little things out for the kids. 

The obligatory Christmas tree pictures. 

I got into bed early enough but I didn't even come close to falling asleep until it was almost 1:00 am. I felt like a little kid. 

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rlg said...

Love all your pictures but especially that ones with your babies. Such a beautiful family.