Monday, June 27, 2011

Three New Visitors

This year has been so weird as far as wildlife is concerned. I don't know how the animal kingdom works but my thought is we've had so much snow that the animals have had to stay much lower this year.  Sounds good right? We are hearing way more birds than we have ever heard. Most mornings I feel like we are living in a bird sanctuary. There is always the normal chirping of all the regular little birds but this year we constantly hear quail, dove and pheasant as well. I will never forget the bald eagle either or the cute little black and white woodpecker. There have been a lot of extra birds!  

So what can we add to our menagerie? How about three bucks? 

Yesterday Paul was in the kitchen window and said he saw a buck. We all came running and sure enough there he was. Soon another one lifted it's head. When I went out with my camera we noticed a third in our neighbor's back yard. Three males all with horns. Too cool. 

Now we see deer all. the. time. It's nothing new, but these bucks were. We've never seen a buck before. They looked like awkward teenager bucks. Their horns were all cute and fuzzy and they were all getting along. What's up with that? Don't males get territorial? Anyway, it was very exciting for us. 

They heard my camera. 

One had an itch and scratched at its self like a dog. So cute! 

We made too much noise so they headed off into the "forest." I hope we get to see them again.  

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rlg said...

I don't know why but it is always so fun to see deer. Maybe they remind me of Bambi.