Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Day of Summer~Let's Hike to the G

I have a major fascination with the G on the side of our mountain. When I was invited to hike to it this summer of course I said yes! We left at 8:30 am yesterday to avoid the heat and crowds. The trail was steep and rocky. It was easy to feel like you were going to slip and slide back down.  

We got over half way there when Emma said "I don't feel good." She sat down under a little scrub oak in the shade. I gave her some water and waited for a little bit. It was time to start moving again. That's when I heard it. I heard Emma get sick. Yuck! Afterward she said she felt much better. 

We started hiking up again and got a little ways further. We stopped again to catch our breath and rest and she said she felt weird. She couldn't focus her eyes, she said her face was tingly and she lost all of her color. I told Maggie we weren't going any further. Emma and I headed back down to the car. (Andrew wasn't with us) 

This is as close to the G as I got. The hike was steeper and harder than I expected. Part of me doesn't want to ever try it again but then there is another part of me that thinks "we were so close! I have to finish what I started."  Paul has agreed to go with me in the fall, on a cool day, if I want to try again. 

On the way down we rested quite a bit. She stopped and sat a few times. I was able to take some pictures along the way down. 

This was so out of character for Emma. She is usually the mountain goat of the group. I think she over-exerted herself. It was too early for her, she hadn't eaten enough, she hadn't had enough to drink and she was going too fast and too hard. 

Can you tell how pale she is? I was pretty worried about her. Once she got a bottle of water in her and some more food she was back to her normal self. 

The views were pretty amazing. 

At the end is some water that is blowing out of somewhere. It was really cool. 

One of these days I may make it all the way to the G but I first I have to decide if I want to. I have realized that I really don't enjoy hiking. You get hot, sweaty, stinky and dirty. Plus it's hard. I think I am going to edit my bucket list. I have quite a few hikes on there that I just don't think I care to do anymore LOL! 


linda said...

great photos

Qwendykay said...

That water is amazing! Come out and visit, we can hike city style!

rlg said...

Poor baby. She looks so pale. Sorry that it didn't go better for you guys. At least it was a beautiful to be out in the wonderful world. Better luck if you try again.