Friday, June 3, 2011

Emma Makes a Momma Proud

On Wednesday I had the honor of attending Emma's Awards Assembly. I knew she was getting an award but I didn't know what kind of award. I thought it could be something cheesy like "You've completed seventh grade!" but I went to be supportive. When the ceremony started we were told that the kids could get all sorts of different awards. At this point I started cursing myself that I didn't bring my camera. This was a big deal and she had a chance to do really well in several catagories.

She was awarded:

A Certificate for Achievement for Excellence in Utah History (This one makes me laugh out loud. She hated that class! We really thought she would get one for math. Oh well.)

A Viking Club Attendance Award (She had perfect attendance and no tardies)

A Viking Gold Scholar Award (for maintaining high honor roll eligibility all year)

A Viking Citizen Award (for achieving outstanding citizenship)

And the big one! She was awarded The Viking on Board Award (for Outstanding Academics, Citizenship and Attendance)

I was so proud of her I could have burst! She made me cry happy tears.

She texted me a cryptic message yesterday. She said she had made the top 25. I got all excited thinking "Could she possibly be in the top 25 of her class?" but quickly found out she had made it into the top 25 scorers of curl ups in 7th grade PE. LOL! She was so proud. I guess she has been working towards this goal all semester. She even got a cute T-shirt for her achievements. She wore it proudly all day yesterday. I guess that shows she's well rounded? I love my baby girl.


Addison, Crew, and Carter's Mama said...

What a GREAT kid!!!

rlg said...

Way to go Emma!!! You are the best ever. Such a wonderful child. Must take after your Grandmother Renee!