Saturday, June 11, 2011

Outdoor Fun!

This past week we bought ourselves a couple of things to make our backyard more enjoyable. When the weather was starting to warm up a little bit I let Paul know I was thinking of buying a patio set. He asked why and I told him I thought it would be nice to have so we could enjoy the outdoors more. He looked at me sort of crazy but unbeknownst to be he liked the idea. Last week he suggested we go to Wal Mart to see if there were any patio sets in our budget. We found a little table and four chairs that was really well priced. We decided to get it. When the cashier rang it up it came up $50 less than we though! (Now I'm kicking myself. We should have asked what the larger one was priced at. Oh well. This works for our little family) I love a bargain.

I went back the next day with the kids for a fire pit. 

Friday night we barbeque'd and ate outside. It was a bit of extra work getting things down the stairs to the table but we all enjoyed ourselves. After dinner Paul and I worked in the yard. He mowed, I picked up pine-cones, watered the garden and sprayed the weeds. After we were done in the yard, the sun was starting to set so we started a fire and made s'mores.

We had a great time. The kids said that we wouldn't need to go into the canyon anymore but I know we will. We have two more meals planned for outside. I'm so excited to have this opportunity for fun family time.

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