Friday, June 3, 2011

Dance Festival

Tuesday was the Dance Festival at Andrew's school. 

Maggie and I went to the school early to secure a prime position on the field. We put down out blankets and put up our chairs. We ran some errands, got some sandwiches from Gandolfo's and went back for a picnic in the wonderful sun while we waited for the show to begin. It felt so good I didn't want to put on sunblock. I got red on my neck, arms and chest but it was worth it. We haven't seen much of the sun this year so this was a welcomed change.

This was my seventh dance festival but my first without having Emma dance in it. It was a little sad for me to go and not see her dance but I was just as excited to watch Andrew. The theme this year was Broadway Musicals. (Be still my heart!) He danced to Footloose. 

Andrew goofing around as usual.

It was pretty sunny so getting a picture of him not squinting was next to impossible. 

Air guitar! 

Knee criss-crosses. 

The whole thing was cute as usual. I thought Andrew was a great little dancer. He looked really happy while dancing out there but declared when he got home that he hated it. I'm not sure I 'm buying what he's selling. It doesn't matter. I love the dance festival, even if it is a bit cheesy, and I get to watch him two more time. Wahoo!!! 

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rlg said...

Sorry we missed adorable Andrew. He looks so cute and I bet he was the best one out there dancing!