Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Last Day of School

I still can't really believe school is over. This school year seemed to zoom past and since the weather never really warmed up it feels we are on spring break. But we're not.

The last week of school this year was super short since Monday was Memorial Day and the last day is only a couple of hours long. Tuesday was the dance festival, Wednesday I took Maggie to lunch for her birthday and Thursday a group of friends went to one last lunch before being infiltrated for the summer. With all the other errands that go into the end of the year the week felt crazy busy. Throw in a summer cold and super late nights, I was completely exhausted by the end of the week! Last Saturday I told Paul I didn't want to do ANYTHING and I meant it. I showered but didn't bother with hair or make-up. I relaxed and napped and enjoyed every minute of it.

On Thursday night Andrew set out his clothes. He wanted to wear the same exact thing he wore on the first day and asked me to take pictures so we could compare. No problemo. Emma decided to do the same. 

First Day

Last Day

First Day

Last Day

He wanted to make sure I got the shoes too. 

They held up pretty well! 

I picked Emma and some friends up after school. 

I fed them donuts. I figured since we had two dozen donuts we could share. 

They looked at their yearbooks in the car. After I dropped them all off Emma and K. went and wreaked havoc on the mall for several hours. They had a blast though and didn't get kicked out so I guess all was well. Meanwhile Andrew was getting home.

 Once again our bus driver let the kids bail out of the emergency exits. This is one of my favorite traditions. It's so fun to watch the kids spilling out in a million different directions. 

Andrew was really sad that he had to say goodbye to Mr. J. He absolutely loved his teacher this year. He was crying about how much he was going to miss him and it made me cry too. They were a great fit and I can only hope that next year is as good. I asked Andrew if he wanted to go somewhere special for lunch to make him feel better and he said yes. He wanted McDonald's (Why that ?!?) so off we went.

After lunch we went to Maggie's court where we BBQ'd hot dogs, ate birthday cake, watched the kids run around with water balloons, talked and enjoyed the sun. We stayed until almost 3:00 pm then I made the trek to Orem to pick up the girls and then I crashed. This school year was a great success. I hope next year is as good but maybe a little slower. ; ) 

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linda said...

I love the pictures of Andrew jumping out of the back of the bus.. That bus driver rocks:-), I love teachers and bus drivers that let kids do something fun and crazy on the last day of school.