Monday, June 20, 2011

Hipsta Overload

See the rainbow? 

Summer war wounds from falling off his bike

Marius loves his daddy. 

Big Boy Bike

I have big plans for this baby. If all goes like I think it's going to this is coming on a girls quilting weekend to St. George in July. I hope everything goes as planned.

Sweet potato fries are a little bit of heaven on earth.

My favorite place to get sweet potato fries.

I couldn't decide which I liked better. They are really close to being identical. 

Enjoying our new patio furniture. 

Our first meal outside.

The lighting was not my friend. Beef kabobs, rice, grilled peppers and red skinned mashed potatoes. 

Pretty evening relaxing outside. 

Enjoying our back yard.


Why are boxes always so much fun? 

Because the possibilities are endless. 

Letting Andrew play with fire is never a good idea. 



The best picture of all time. Look what the flash did to Marius's eyes. LOL! I love this picture so very very much. 

A little tunnel we passed through coming down from the cave. 

Same tunnel. I think.  

Appetizer after our cave tour. 

Smart cookie is a new favorite. Thanks to City Deals' discount gift certificates I have a lot of pictures of cookies these days. 

Smart cookie has ice cream too. 

Uh oh. I've got Paul doing it too. Twice the hipsta prints! 

To celebrate Paul finishing his stats class we went to dinner at the creamery. Guacamole burger with garlic fries followed by chocolate peanut butter ice cream = my perfect meal. 

Pink sunset.

Same cookie and ice cream taken from Paul's phone. 

Paul's shot of our appetizer. 

The main course. 

Paul's dinner. 

Emma Bear! 

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rlg said...

You do so many fun thngs with your family. I think it is really wonderful. They are so blessed to have you for their mom and wife.