Monday, June 27, 2011

Girl's Camp!!!

This past month we have been working hard getting Emma ready for Girl's Camp. We've been reading conference talks, Paul and I have written her letters that she will be given as a surprise, we've been shopping, planning, gathering, borrowing and packing. Dang it! While I was typing this I remembered that I had planned to tuck little love notes and surprises in her box. Oops. It's too late now. Even with all the planning I still forgot that. 

Everything the girls need for the week had to fit in an apple box. I would die. I can't pack like that. Emma managed though. She did take an extra backpack with a bunch of junk food and some other things that didn't go in the box. 

Saturday afternoon she decorated her box with turquoise and purple duct tape. It looked really cool. I'll have to get a picture of it when she gets home. She also got all of her secret sister stuff put together. 

We took her camp chair, sleeping bag, sleeping pad and her apple box over to the trailer Saturday night where they packed as much as possible. Sunday Paul gave her a beautiful father's blessing that probably meant more to me than it did her. I told her we had just wrapped her in spiritual bubble wrap so she would be safe. It's such a comfort to know she will be protected and that she will have a great time. I am so thankful for the blessing of the priesthood in our lives. 

This morning we got up bright and early. We went to the church where everyone was to meet at 7:00 am. There was a lot of waiting before everyone else arrived. All the girls were giddy with excitement. It was fun to watch. They actually got off 15 minutes early. That right there is a miracle. 

Here are the girls that Emma is riding with. The drive will be 3-4 hours. They are going to Flaming Gorge. The elevation is 9000 ft. above sea level. They have plans to river raft and cave. This is a stake camp. Over 300 girls will be there. It's going to be amazing. 

You can't leave without a silly picture. 

They almost had a stowaway! Kayla's little sister wanted to go with them. 

These are two of my darling friends that are going. I'm grateful to know and love the leaders. They are wonderful ladies. We've seriously got some really amazing women going. I know they will take wonderful care of my baby girl. 

Doesn't she look excited. I know she is. 

This is the trailer that holds everything the girls packed. Their world is in this trailer. I stayed until the very end. I watched the caravan take off while tears filled my eyes. I know they will be safe. I know they will have an amazing time but we are going to miss our sweet Emma. I can't wait to have her home. 

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