Sunday, May 16, 2010


Last weekend we worked in the garage. We found a ton of junk that we needed to get rid of. While we were working Paul suggested that we have a yard sale to following Saturday so we would have some extra cash for our trip to Vegas. I wasn't excited by the idea but I went along for the ride. It had to happen eventually.

The weather was perfect and even though things were a little slow it was a good experience. We always love it when people pay us to take away our junk, er stuff.

It's crazy, our big money maker is always the clothes. I guess it's because we only have two kids and things don't get worn out. I don't know, people love digging through our clothes.
Emma and Andrew had set up their own sales and did really well! (We realized later that we would have made a bunch more money if we had shipped them off to grandma and grandpa's house. Back in the good ol' days we would sell their stuff and get the money. Now they want to do it.)

Here's Emma taking a little break in the shade.
Our across the street neighbor, Ann, usually does a sale every year. This year she said she wasn't going to do one, she just didn't have enough stuff. However she kept finding things to bring over for us to sell. She said the kids could keep the money for summer vacation. So nice!

At one point we had our sale, our kids two stations, our two neighbor boys stations' and two little girls from the neighborhood has set up stations. There was a whole row of kid sales going on plus another guy from the area asked if we would try to sell his water drums. We were selling so many peoples things. It was hilarious. At one point we had eight extra kids in our yard and many other visitors throughout the day.

Here's Paul chillin' in a chair Ann brought over.
It was fun watching the kids make deals, counting money, making change and interacting with each other. Andrew would go and buy something "new" from Max or Nick each time he made any money from a customer. LOL!

We met some great people at our sale and found out just how small the world is. One of Emma's classmates grandparent's stopped by and the ballroom dance coordinator bought some of our kids' old games. Everyone was really nice this time and acted like they were glad to get our stuff. Yeah for us for have a productive weekend.

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Heidi said...

I love yardsales! I'm having one in June. :) Looks fun, and I love the idea of letting others have "stations" in your yard. I will let my neighbors know they can do that too!