Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Friday night Paul took the kids out to buy me flowers for Mother's Day. Both kids picked me a bunch of carnations. Paul tried to talk them into a mixed bouquet but they were both insistent on getting carnations. They smelled wonderful and I really appreciated them.

Andrew got me pastels.
And Emma picked brights.
Each kid kept asking me which one I like better. Sillies. I loved them both. Even though each bouquet is different, each is special and beautiful, just like the kids. Both are favorites.
Paul also got me an arrangement. It's gorgeous and I love it too.
He also got me a Willow Tree figurine. She is beautiful. I love the carvings on her dress.
I'm very grateful that I am a mother to these two. It isn't always easy but it's always worth it.
I gave myself a gift and went home right after Sacrament meeting. I straightened the house in silence. After church we had sandwiches for lunch and the family did the dishes for me. Each one took turns helping, can't you tell Emma was thrilled?
After lunch I took a nap and then Paul grilled a tri-tip for dinner. Emma made me brownies for dessert. It's been a nice, relaxing day. Happy Mother's Day.


Heidi said...

That sounds loveley. Pretty much how I spent my day too. Relaxed. Quiet. Nothing fancy. Emma looks super happy about the chores too. ;)

Wingnut said...

I love a relaxed Mother's Day myself :) That's the best present my hubby and kids can get me each year. It works for my birthday too! LOL I love that figurine! She's so beautiful! I wish I had room for little beauties like her.