Thursday, May 27, 2010

It's Never as Much Fun to Blog the Bad Stuff

Sunday after my nap I noticed my eyes were itchy. Not that shocking considering my history with make-up allergies and the fact that I had slept in my make-up. It didn't even phase me. Later in that evening, just like that, my nose felt funny and my throat got sore. Just boom and I was sick. I thought "I can fight this! I've been taking my vitamins religiously and eating quite well. It won't be too bad." Well Monday I felt like utter crap. I spent all day in bed. I felt feverish and achy.

This is the last week of school. This is the last week of Emma's grade school days. There are activities galore and I planned to be at each and every one dang it!

Tuesday I woke up feeling terrible. It was the day of Dance Festival, one of my favorite events. My parents were coming to watch and we were suppose to go to lunch for my mom's birthday. I knew I had to go or the kids would be very disappointed. As I got the kids off to school in the morning I felt like a zombie. As the morning wore on I had convinced myself that I could survive the day. All I had to do was make it through the next several hours and then I could crash in bed for the rest of the night. Miraculously I started to gather strength as I got ready. As the day went I on I felt better, not good mind you but better.

We went to Thai Drift for lunch and I got a basil chicken dish that was HOT. I think that helped clear my sinuses. After lunch we went to watch the kids. I was in a bit of a fog but I was there.

(Keep in mind, this is the day AFTER we were all freezing to death in the snow. Snow one day and the next day we get a sunburn. Crazy!)

I fought off the emotions knowing that this would be the last time I get to watch Emma in one of these festivals. It also broke my heart that I didn't have the energy to scream and yell for her.

Here are the kids before it started.

It started with the youngest and then worked up to the oldest. This year the theme was Disney (Perfect) and the 3rd grade danced to We Can Fly from Peter Pan. He loves his hat and has been wearing it all around since. He's in the center of the back row.

Emma and the other 6th graders danced to Prince Ali from Aladdin. Of course theirs was the most complicated of all the routines. (Although none of them seemed that intense this year)

Both kids did a really good job. They ended the festival with the entire school dancing to We're all in This Together from High School Musical. Here is half of the kids. It was so fun and sad at the same time.
I took it easy the rest of the day and then that evening Emma started feeling poopy too. She just wilted right before our eyes. Poor thing had to stay home from school yesterday.

She missed Field Day. That is a totally fun day where they have races and ice blocking and all sorts of fun activities. I normally don't go and watch since it is so hot but I was planning to this time since it was the last Field Day for her. She was too sick to even really care that she missed it. She spent the whole day laying on the couch. I was suppose too have one last lunch out with Maggie but of course I had to cancel. Sad!

Neither of us are 100% but she went to school and I have to go out for milk and bread. Plus I want one last lunch with Paul, just the two of us.

Today is the awards assembly and the 6th Grade vs. Teachers Kick Ball Game. (I doubt she will play) We both are much, much better but still not as full of energy as we usually are. I am crossing fingers, toes and anything else that will cross that Andrew stays healthy for another 36 hours so he doesn't miss the last day.

I still can't believe it's almost over.....and we're almost missing it. :(


rlg said...

As always I enjoy your pictures and comments. Glad you and Emma are feeling better.

Heidi said...

Bummer Mignonne! that stinks, it seems we always get sick at the worst times.

I missed several first days of school, without fail I would get sick that last week of August.

I'm glad you are on the mend and hopefully you didn't share with your guys!