Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mystery Funk

Yesterday Andrew and Max were playing in the living room with lego dudes and action figures. I was cleaning in the kitchen listening to them play. (I can't tell you how much I adore these two.) All of a sudden I hear Uh-Oh. I asked what happened and they said something (I they were purposely vague) had gone up into the ceiling fan. I tried to unscrew it cut couldn't so I let it be. I figured it was just a little lego piece.
Last night we were helping Emma with her country report and we started smell something awful, like burning rubber. Our first thought is fire. We start searching the house seeing if we can tell where the smell was coming from. We couldn't locate it. There were stronger spots near our windows and swamp cooler so we thought for sure it was coming from outside.

This morning everything smelled fine, until I turned the light back on. As soon as I smelled the same burning rubber smell I knew it was connected to the light. At that point I instantly remembered the boys saying something when in the light.

This time, with more motivation, I was able the get the fixture removed and found the source of the funk. Emma was horrified. It was her koosh that they bought with tickets from Chuck E. Cheese.
What a sticky stinky mess!

She was seriously in tears. I felt bad for her but each one of was guilty. She didn't put her things away, the boys shouldn't have played with something that was theirs and I should have tried harder to open the light. Now our house smells like burning rubber again, I have a sad baby girl and a son who is feeling pretty guilty.

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Heidi said...

Ugh. At least you figured it out. But that still stinks. (haha) Yeah. Sorry, I couldn't help it! ;)