Friday, May 21, 2010

Class of 2010

Today was the 6th grade graduation at Emma's school. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and all the graduates got Mad Hatter hats. What a special day! The parent's who put it all together did an amazing job. This is a day that I will remember for a long time to come.

Now onto a ton of pictures.

Here is our graduate.
They had a professional photographer there to take the kids' pictures before they got their diploma.
Then they got to shake the other teachers' hands.
Here she is back in her seat after getting her diploma.
The decorations were so fun. They really transformed the gym into Wonderland.
Proud momma

Emma and her teacher. We love Mrs. Krall. She has been a great teacher.

Proud papa
Proud parents
Proud Grandma (see a theme here?)
Here are all the graduates from our ward (we are actually missing some boys)
Emma excited to be done
More pictures of Emma (sorry I don't know how to edit myself. I want to include tons and tons of pics so I did.)
After graduation we got to take the kids for two hours before the dance started. We went to Zuppa's with grandma and grandpa where they gave her her gift, a graduation bear.
She loves her bear.
When Emma came to me a couple of weeks ago asking if she could have a new dress for graduation I went nuts. I immediately started searching the web. We found her dress on clearance at Dillard's but then we needed shoes. These were perfect. After we got the shoes we had to get our toes done. It was so much fun getting her all matchy matchy from head to toe.
After lunch we ran home so I could put her hair up for the dance and then we took more pictures while we waited for the dance to start.
This is an amazing chair that Irene painted a few years ago. I love that I have a picture of Emma in this chair that was painted by my friend. It really is amazing.
She was so happy to graduate and so excited for the dance. She was just glowing.
Here is her messy bun. I love her hair like this. (it took a dozen bobby pins and several rubber bands)
Here are some pics of Emma and her friends before the dance. I got them before the parent's got kicked out.

Here are a few pics off of Emma's camera. This is right before graduation.
This is Sam during the dance.
Action shots!

The fun isn't over yet. Emma is now off to Sam's house for a party. Our baby girl is growing up.


The Fab Five said...

What happened to your little girl??? She looks so grown-up and absolutely beautiful! Watch out for those Jr. High boys next year! :)

Heidi said...

Oh I'm glad you don't know how to edit yourself (me either! I like that about you!)

I love all the pics, and she looks so much like you! So gorgeous. Is her daddy worried yet?

I love her dress too.

Wingnut said...

She looks fabulous!! Never edit yourself when it comes to photos of your kids :) Congrats to her on her graduation.