Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Re-Cap

We've been busy, but then again the end of the school year always it. Friday night, after graduation, Emma went to Sam's for a birthday party. She had a great time watching The Spy Next Door outside in a wind storm!
Before the party we went and got Taco Amigo while Paul and Andrew were are Iron Man 2. That left me we a little over an hour of glorious, alone time.
Saturday we had to go to Provo to return the dresses from Dillard's that didn't work out. We figured while we were down that way we would go the BYU Creamery. The problem with that plan was the kids ate right before we left so by the time we were done at the mall they were still full. We went to Kohl's, we went to Quicksilver, kids still weren't hungry. We decided to see if the Bean Museum was open. It was so we went it to kill some more time.

I can't even count how many times we have been here but the kids still love it and act like they've never seen the displays before.

The elephant is back.
The guy was pretty fancy.
The birds are so cool.

A butterfly made out of butterflies.

Face to Face

Check out his big fuzzy feet.

Check out the whole wall of creepiness.

It's a Liger!
After we finished at the museum we went to the creamery where we got burgers and ice cream. Their cheeseburger with guacamole and garlic fries is really really good! We made a few more stops then we were in for the night. I had a lesson that needed some finishing touches.

Today I found out that bullies come in all shapes and sizes but one thing they have in common is they all suck.

We came home after church, took a nap while the kids played outside and then started working on dinner. The kids came in when it started raining. It is May 23rd and it is cold enough that I am wrapped in a blanket and the kids wanted hot chocolate!
I can't believe that tomorrow starts the last week of school. Where has the year gone? We have the Dance Festival, Field Day and a 6th grade vs. Teachers kick-ball game. Exciting stuff!

I'm putting this out there to the universe so maybe I will actually do it. Last summer the kids were so good about their chores but I never got into a good rhythm of chores, homework, activities etc. throughout the school year. I slacked, bad. I am anxious to get the kids back into a routine and have a house that is more in order.

As it is planned right now (and kids have agreed it sounds like a good idea) we will be up by 10:00 am. (This really could be a challenge for Emma) They will get breakfast and then spend 30 minutes on some type of brain activity (handwriting, math flash-cards, practice piano) and then they will do their chores. After that they will be able to do what ever they want. If they do all that is asked they will earn an allowance and a reward in the form of an outing.

Some of the outings we have come up with are~

1) Pool (Will it ever warm up?)

2) Movies

3) Park

4) Walk/Hike/Bike Ride

5) Pirate Island

6) Library

7) Go out to Lunch

8) Lagoon

9) This is the Place

10) Zoo

11) Caldecott Mine

12) Enter things into the fair and go to the fair

13) Hiking to the waterfall

14) Canyon

15) Timpanogos Cave

16) Scera Outdoor Play (Willy Wonka is playing this summer!)

17) Seven Peaks

The list could go on and on. I doubt we will be able to do all of these things but that's okay. Maybe we will put them all in a jar and do what we pull out? Some, like Lagoon, are really expensive so that may not be a realistic option. I will be watching City Deals for bargains you can be sure of that. I am hoping that this works the way we all think it will, but who knows. We dream big but have issues with execution.


Angela said...

Did you hear at Pack meeting that there's a special scout patch Andrew can earn at the Bean Museum?

Heidi said...

They moved Shasta out of Hogle?


On another note, that wall of creepy? Yeah. That whole place is creepy! We have a "dead animal" museum in Tucson too. I had to go there with work a few times, my kids have never been. It really gives me the heebie jeebies!