Friday, April 6, 2012

Track Meet #3

Yesterday, April 5th, was Emma's third track meet. This one was held at our high school. It's a really nice track and for the first time ever they told the scores of the meet and we won! It was COLD though. It was only in the 50's which doesn't sound cold but there was no sun and an icy wind. It just kept getting colder and colder and the day went on. We were freezing and the poor kids were miserable. Emma also wasn't feeling 100% but she did her best, poor thing.

These first two pictures are candids I caught while I was trying to get my settings right on my camera.

Emma started by running the 100 meters. She was 5th out of six runners but it was a close race.

Her next race was the 4x100. Her team came in second! That was really exciting and I think her best finish ever.

They are really trying to get them to have a fast hand-off so they practice a lot before the race begins.

It wasn't the best hand off during the race but it was okay.

Here she is waiting for her heat of the 200 meter. This was the first time she had ever run 200 in a meet. She's obviously cold. I can't remember her place when this race ended. It may have been last. It wasn't her best. 

The last race of the day. The 4x400. She said this other team was super nice and they loved talking with them before the race. These poor kids are absolutely freezing. Some of them had purple veiny legs LOL!

This was the first time she had run the first leg of this race. It was nice for getting pictures! 

About a quarter of the way into her run I seriously thought she was going to puke. I was watching her through my camera's zoom lens and saw her look like she dry heaved. She was grimacing the whole way. I was really worried she wasn't even going to make it around but she pulled it together and finished. I know it just about killed her though. I don't know where her team finished but I was proud of all of them and the school came away with the win!!!

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rlg said...

We are also so proud of Emma. She is doing so well in the races. I love her long strides and I know she will continue to do well and even better as she keeps getting more experience. She has real potential,she is fast, and has great long legs. Love that girl!