Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm Almost Done With my Last State Report

There are times where I get very sad thinking that I'm almost at the end of my kids' grade school years. No more class parties, no more Halloween parades, no more birthday treats to send in. I have been going to their school for one event or another for over eight years. I know the staff, I know the teachers, I know almost everyone. It breaks my heart.

However, when a report comes along and I maybe get a little giddy. I may do a happy dance here and there. I may sing out, "this is my last state report!" I may even yell, "Wahoo!"

I know that these projects are for the kids to do but really? Does that ever happen? We try to get Andrew to do as much as possible but there are times where it just isn't worth it the effort.

This Wednesday his state report tri-fold was due. He had done some of it but there was a timeline that had to be included. I asked for his input on what events he wanted to include and then I typed that bad boy up and didn't feel the least bit bad about it. It was done. D.O.N.E done. 

We filled most of his board with pictures of him in Illinois. He picked the colors and the fonts for the title which I then cut out on my Silhouette Cameo. He chose what pictures to print from the internet and I printed them for him.

He asked me to attach everything (which I did) but the design was mostly up to him. As part of his display he took the dinosaurs that he made at the Field Museum and two of Paul's baseball hats, one for the Cubs and one for the Sox. 

Now I just need a hot poker to prod him with so he will finish the written portion of the report. That should be tons of fun to do over spring break. Once it's compiled and turned I shouldn't have to worry about another state report as long as I live. (Knock on wood.)

I want my kids to always know that we support them and that whatever they do is the most important thing to us. Sooo even though I glued the whole tri-fold together and watched every step of it come together, I drove down to the school and walked through a crowded, obscenely loud, gym to see my son present his state to the masses. I enjoyed seeing all of the different tri-fold from all of the different classes. Plus it made him happy so it was totally worth it. 

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rlg said...

You are so funny! You did a great job with Andrew on the state project. You can be proud. I remember helping some children with their reports too! Hope you guys get an "A".