Friday, April 6, 2012

Andrew is Almost 11

Paul started a tradition a few years ago of checking the kids out of school and taking them out to lunch for their birthday. At first I wasn't invited but the last few times I've been allowed to go. Today Andrew didn't decide if I could go until this morning but then he said he wanted me there. Thanks little buddy! 

Andrew's birthday is right in the middle of spring break so we had to begin his birthday celebration today while he was still in school.

We went to Rubio's where Paul got taquitos and Andrew and I got street tacos. Yummy! 

After lunch Paul suggested we go to Paradise Bakery to get some cookies. Andrew was thrilled with that suggestion. 

Yes that is snow, little bits of snow falling from the sky. Growl. 

Andrew is growing but in this picture he is standing on a curb and I am on the road. He isn't almost as tall as me I promise!

After lunch and cookies we took Andrew to the back so he could cash his birthday check from Grandpa David and Grandma Nancy. Thanks guys! He is planning to save the money for our summer vacation to New York, Boston and Maine. We then took him to the grocery store so he could buy Zots, an awful sour candy, to share with the class as a his birthday treat. I told him if I was a kid in his class I would be really sad that he brought in sour candy but that didn't change his mind. That's what he wanted to take. It was a nice afternoon with one on one time with Andrew. He's grown up a lot this last year and I really love him and am excited to see what he does with his life. 

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rlg said...

Such great pictures of all of you. It is nice to have a one on one with a child. Glad you all had such an enjoyable time together. Such a cute boy!