Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter 2012

We celebrated Easter all alone this year. With our late church schedule we couldn't make it work any other way. We searched for our Easter baskets in the back yard right before church.

There aren't many places to hide things so we put Andrew's on the backside of this tree. It took him about six seconds to find his.

Paul and I both hid ours out in the corner by the little weeping cherry tree. Of course we knew right where to look.

While we were getting ours Emma found hers in the front yard.

I think this is the first time I have ever eaten something besides ham on Easter. We cooked a turkey breast. We also got cute pastel rolls from the local grocery store. It was a simple meal since church went until 4:00pm. We had cheesy potatoes and corn then ate pies for dessert. 

 After dinner we got a text from Jenna's family saying that they were holding their traditional Easter egg roll. This was a first for us. We were all excited to check it out. The kids ended up loving it!



Roll! (Which quickly turned into a THROW!)

The point is to see who can get their egg to go the furthest.

Some went pretty far while others didn't make it out alive.

After a few rounds on the little hill they moved down to the big hill. Emma had one roll down a long, long ways!

Here she is going after it. It went all the way to where the road curves to the left.

We left a giant eggy mess all over both roads but by morning it was all gone. We made some critters very happy on Easter night.

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