Saturday, April 21, 2012

Andrew's First Scout Overnighter

Andrew didn't enjoy cub scouts much. It was a major chore to get him to go. Scouting is pretty huge in our church so even though we don't love the program we do it anyway. Since he is in eleven year old scouts now he is now able to go on overnighters. I wanted him to go into this new scout chapter with a positive outlook so I asked the leader if we could meet with him so he could feel comfortable about everything. His wife suggested we come over for dinner.

We went Monday night for hamburgers and hotdogs. The kids played really well together and then we made smores after dinner. It was a great way to get him to feel like he knew everyone well and on a personal level. We had a lot of fun and I can't thank them enough for having us over. It really helped him feel better about the campout that was coming up just a few days later.

Just down the street from our home is a little park named Anderson Park. It's nestled in between two fairly major roads and some houses. It was years before we even knew it existed even though you can literally get there in just a minutes drive.

The scouts have permission to camp there but the rest of us don't. ; ) Last night was Andrew's first scout overnighter. I was so thankful that it was so close to home. We took him down yesterday right before 6:00 pm. I'm not sure who was more nervous, me or him. I knew he would have fun until it was time to sleep. I wasn't sure if he'd make it through the night. I slept restlessly expecting the phone to ring at any time. It never happened. He made it through the night, ate like a king, had a wonderful time and even had an encounter with a deer. I guess it walked right around there tent while they were sleeping.  

What a pretty spot to camp! Plus I could drive home and get a shower and be back in under 20. Man, I want to camp there.

Andrew got to work right away. He read the instructions and helped set up the tent.

Of course Ken was there to make sure it was done right.

He's looking so grown up to me. Whah! 

He was so excited when we arrived to see his friend Parker. I was too. I know how much he enjoys him. 

One last picture as I was walking away because it was just so pretty. Seriously, I could camp here...

This is a view of the fire and eating area. These bridges were painted by the youth last year as a service project. Emma painted the one in the distance that you can barely see.

This morning we got to go pick him up at 8:00 am. 

We snuck in the back way and could hear them in the tent having a great time. 

That is not the face of someone who spent the night suffering. That made this momma so happy! 

Goodness gracious I love him!

He's showing me his finished para-cord bracelet that he made. He started it on Monday night but Ken wouldn't finish it/melt it unless he came to the campout. He's been impatiently waiting all week to get it done.

I am so thankful that he had a wonderful time and that he has good leaders that made him feel comfortable. Looks like we will have more scouting in our future.


rlg said...

I'm too so glad he had a great time! It truly is a beautiful spot and so wonderful to have it be so close. I can't believe how grown up Andrew looks. You don't have a baby any more. He is one handsome young man. What a great blessing to have such great caring leaders. There are some wonderful things about being in Utah. I'm so happy that it was a good time for him.

rlg said...

Just wanted to add I love the way he looks in his uniform and how he looks so very serious, happy and having lots of fun. Great first experience for him.

Debbie said...

My granddaughter will be 11 next month and I know what you mean about them looking grown up! What a pretty little park. Is that snow on those mountains? My goodness!!