Friday, April 6, 2012

Emma's Second Track Meet-March 30th

This track meet was much better than the first. The weather was phenomenal. The venue was a lot newer and nicer. They had a sound system so we knew when the events were going to start and they played music during warm ups. 

Emma performed a lot better this week. We got her better shorts and spikes to run in. I think she looked stronger and more confident. We keep reminding her that some of these kids are in sports all year around. This is the first athletic thing (besides church basketball which really doesn't count) she's ever done. She isn't winning races but she's doing well.

She's so cute. She'll come up to me and say, "Feel this! It's a muscle!" She's getting nice muscles in her legs, arms and shoulders. She was trying to show me her shoulder muscle the other day. She said, "feel this" but I felt her biceps not knowing what she wanted me to grab. It was a little squishy and she said, "no, not there, up here, my shoulder! I have muscles in my shoulders!" She loves it. I really am proud of the hard work she is putting in.

Check out the size of that team! 

I honestly can't remember which race this is but hey, it's an action shot. I like to watch her running the races so I get a lot of shots during the races.

There is a lot of down time between races. It's the perfect time to be silly with friends. I love that all of her friends come up and visit with us, a lot of time Emma isn't even there. She has some really great friends.

 Here is Emma getting ready to run the second leg of the 4x400. It is the hardest race for her and always the last race of the meet. 

I think she had a lot more fun this week. She knew what to expect so she was able to enjoy it more. It was a lot of fun to watch her and all the other athletes.

Here she is with grandma Renee. She took the kids out so I could have a date with Paul. Thanks mom!

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rlg said...

So glad that I have gotten to see Emma's track meets. They are so much fun. I love watching her and it is fun seeing her with her friends. I'm so thankful for my oldest grandchild. Keep running baby, believe it not your old grandma used to be a pretty good runner.