Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I Have a Love Hate Relationship with Back to School

I typed out pages and pages of feelings about the kids going back. For now they will live in my documents folder. Long story short, I love watching the kids get so excited. I love buying the back to school supplies. I love the new clothes. I love the peace and quiet. I hate knowing that they could have kids treat them badly. I hate that I am no longer their number one influence. I hate not knowing that they are safe in my care. 

First Day of 8th Grade for Emma

We got these shoes at Payless. She says they are way comfy. I think they are way cute. I may have to steal, I mean borrow them. 

She asked me to drive her so she could get there early. She had to turn in lunch money and get a good seat in her art class. 

Bye sweet baby girl. 

Andrew is trying to be 100% skater. These are his new Osiris shoes. He now wears mens sizes which is great. He's a super small mens size so we found these on a super bargain. Not too many men wear size 6. The two different laces were all his idea.  

As was this outfit, including the fedora. He's a funny kid with a style all his own. His teacher asked him to bring something that represented him so he brought his skateboard with him. 

Can you believe this is after his back to school haircut? 

I didn't get a picture of Emma's supplies before she loaded them in her locker but she had some fun stuff too. 

They both came home from their first day really happy and still excited. I love these kids and have a really good feeling about this year. 

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rlg said...

Emma and Andrew look so great. Emma is a little beauty and Andrew just cool. Fun wonderful kids. One lucky mom to have wonderful kids. I know you are one of the reasons they are so great.