Friday, August 19, 2011

Lava Hot Springs

Last weekend we ran away to Idaho. Yes Idaho. On our way we stopped off at Maddox again. It's been almost a year since we were there and we still are obsessed with their peach pie. Unfortunately we were a couple of weeks early for peaches. Oh well. We still wanted to go. We got burgers, fries, malts, shakes and strawberry pie and coconut cream pie. Yum! Now we just need to figure out a reason to go back up there when the peach pie is back. 

After lunch we made our way into the great state of Idaho. 

Our pie sort of melted on the drive but it was still good. 

We didn't realize that last weekend was a giant Native American pow pow. The whole town of Pocatello was sold out. We were lucky we had a hotel room. The guys in these sweet cars were not so lucky. They were from Canada and trying desperately to find a place to stay. While they were making calls to other hotels Andrew got some pictures. 

Playing with our shadows.

The next day we drove about 30 miles to the town of Lava Hot Springs. 

They have hot springs that you can just soak in, a water park and river tubing. I was interested in the more natural parts of Lava but the kids thought the water park would be the most fun so that's where we went. It did have the most to do. They had diving platforms. The kids were in love. They spent all day jumping off those silly things. They never even went down a water slide.  

This is Emma going off the second level platform.

The pool was so warm. It was really nice. They also had an indoor pool with two spring boards and a climbing wall. It was nice to go in there for a while to get out of the sun. 

Even Paul climbed the wall.

Andrew jumped off the second level twice. He didn't love it but he did it. 

Here they are jumping together.

After many hours we left and headed back to Pocatello where we drove around trying to find Mexican food that would please all of us. I had seen this place and wanted to try it but we had to find it again. There were some tense moments on that drive. 

I got a chili verde burrito that was really really good. I'm glad we went. We left the next morning and drove to my parents where they fed us a yummy dinner and then we headed home. Once again it was great to get way but I still haven't unpacked! 


rlg said...

As always looks like lots of fun and good family memories. You are the best mom ever and I mean that any so many ways.

Heidi said...

You went to Pocatello? For fun? LOL! I think its so fun to have people see where you live(d) in a new light!

That's where I grew up! :)

I loved Lava so much as a kid.