Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Emma Made a Rag Quilt

A while back I decided Marius needed his own couch blanket. This cat sheds more than any animal I have ever lived with. It's disgusting. Really. I bought some fabric and cut it out. Emma asked if she could sew it. I said yes but knew we would have to share a machine so I had reservations. Each time she would see me sewing she would ask if she could work on Marius' blanket. Well no, I'm sewing right now. She would get all sad. When I wasn't sewing she wasn't interested in working on it. 

For Christmas we bought her a sewing machine of her own. It still didn't get finished. It sat and sat in my project crate. Well I've been sewing a lot and after a while she decided she would join me. Our dinning room looked like a sweat shop with two machines on the table. Once she set her mind to it she work hard and finished it in no time. I'm proud of her and thankful that it's done. She's proud of herself and even was able to use this project to pass off one of her Faith in God goals. Way to go baby girl. 

The best news is Marius loves his new blanket. 

Next she wants to make a larger one for herself. 

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rlg said...

Great job Emma. I think you have your mom's artistic talent. Way to go sweet-girl!