Monday, September 5, 2011

Our Last Week and a Half

We've been having a heat wave. It was hot. We went to the canyon. Twice. It was great. In the 70's. Ah!

Our garden hit full tilt. We have zucchini, yellow squash, patty pan squash (Thanks Nancy for telling me what it was!) green and yellow beans and jalepenos. The carrot wasn't ours but it was too cute so I had to include it.

We made our first peach julius of the season and it was delicious.

We took the kids to Trafalga for Family Home Evening. We decided the fifth Monday of the month would be a fun outing. We had a great time. Played mini golf, arcade games and ate a ton of greasy food. Andrew bought more giant glasses with all of his tickets he won. He loved playing the Big Bass game.

Maggie's youngest, Kyle, started kindergarten this year. We celebrated at Los Hermanos with chili verde and I had a pina colada.

Our deer are growing up! Take a look at those horns. Wow.

I finished another quilt.

Our new car hit 1000 miles. Wah!

We took the kids to see Mary Poppins in Salt Lake City. It was so much fun. New York was a little better but we still absolutely loved it.

Paul and I got to go on a date to Maddox in Brigham City. We've been dreaming of their pie for the last year. It lived up to our memories. They have the best peach pie we've ever tasted. I want more.

Emma went geocaching with her youth group Wednesday night. She loved it. She's obsessed. We went out as a family Friday night so she could show us how it's done. We didn't have much luck since it was getting dark but somehow we ended up at Kneaders to get their pumpkin bread. (It just came back. Yippy!) I don't know how that happened ; ) Andrew got this cute owl cookie. He wouldn't eat it until I took a picture.

I'm suppose to start a diet tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. I'm not confident in my abilities. Today I partied. I had a coupon for a free burrito so what did I do? I ate a big burrito from Rubio's as my last meal. It was so good. I will miss giant burritos.

Well there you have it. Our last week and a half in a nut shell. It's been good.


Qwendykay said...

I love this collage of all the pics!

Peach Julius!! Yum. You know the rules of the internet!! Post the recipe!!

rlg said...

You make everything so much fun. Very blessed family to have you.