Sunday, August 7, 2011

Autumn Quilt

I've had this lovely Grand Finale jelly roll for several months. I planned to save it for the quilting weekend in St George. I knew exactly what pattern I wanted to use. It's called Strip Search and I have used it before. I screwed it up last time, not beyond repair but pretty bad. I wanted a chance to redeem myself. 

I started by matching up colors. This part is fun when you have really great fabric like this. 

In St. George I started sewing strips together. 

Then you cut them back apart. This is the part where I seem to have technical difficulties. I still managed to screw something up this time but I won't talk about it. 

After I sewed it all back together into squares I laid it out to see how I wanted it. This was fine. 

Finally a finished quilt top I am really happy with. I love this quilt. I love the fabric. I love this colors. I love the pattern. I love, love, love it! I made a 4th of July quilt this summer too but I don't like that one. I'm waiting for that one to be quilted before I take pictures. I'm hoping the quilting makes it look better LOL! 

I have several more projects in the works that I need to finish. Quilting is something I've realized I like to do more in the summer so I don't have too much more time before I start to lose interest again. 


Stacy B said...

I totally need to buy this jelly roll and the pattern.

rlg said...

You are amazing. You really are. I could never, ever have the patience to make a beautiful quilt.