Thursday, March 10, 2011


Am I tempting fate if I say it's starting to feel like spring?

Today was very nice but I feel like I just jinxed us. If it looks like this again tomorrow it's all my fault. 

For now I will enjoy the warmer weather, the chirping birds and the little tender flowers that are starting to pop through the earth. 

Our black and white wood-pecker came back for a visit. He is not very social and he moves very quickly and never stops. I had to take these through the kitchen window. I normally don't like wood-peckers but this little guy is so special looking.

Do you see those adorable polka-dots and that little downy tuft  between his shoulders? What's not to love?

My neighbor has crocus blooming. This is the first sign of spring!

My daffodils are coming up. 

Look this one is different. I am crossing my fingers that it is one of the pink ones that I planted last fall.

One thing I will miss when the trees finally get their leaves is all the birds nests. I love being able to see them in the trees. I am so intrigued by bids nests. 

You can always spot them. We have a lot around here and I always wonder who is going to use it.

I know Andrew has been enjoying the warmer weather. He's been out almost every day after school. 

I love hearing kids outside playing. 

I love spring! 


rlg said...

Adorable little woodpecker! I can't wait to have the beautiful colors again. I think this is the first year I've gotten so tired of the cold and the dreary outdoors. I'm ready for beautiful,warmer, colorful spring!

linda said...

Spring is one of my favorite seasons. I love seeing the birds at the feeders, and love to have flowers on our deck. However I don't like the allergies that come in with spring.