Sunday, March 27, 2011

Last Week was a Good Week,

This week not so much (but we won't focus on that)  Last week the weather was so nice. We actually had the windows open.

I saw signs of green and color popping up here and there. I was starting to feel really really good in general. My spirits were way up. Paul and I are still running. My endurance is getting so much better. I feel really proud of myself. I am now up to eight minutes with a short walk and then another eight minutes. I know it doesn't sound like much but for me it is. I never thought I would be able to run at all. Oh and I no longer feel like I'm going to die. 

I made one of my favorite treats to eat. Even the vegetables in the grocery store are looking better.

The kids had a snow make-up day on Monday. They haven't had school canceled due to snow so they got the day off. My mom came down and taught me how to make Indian Bread. This is a recipe that my great-grandma use to make so I was really happy to learn it. I've been enjoying the loaves ever since. 

Tuesday my friend Rees came back for a quick visit from Arizona. We got to spend the afternoon having lunch with her. It was wonderful! It was so good to see her again.

That afternoon I took Emma to get her haircut. She got about three inches cut off and had some side swept bangs put in. She was so happy with her new cut. 

The kids had earned a night out to dinner. We asked them where they wanted to go and they said Texas Roadhouse. Even though I had already gone out for lunch, Tuesday night was the only night we could so off we went. We got a free onion appetizer with a coupon I had. It was all very delicious!!!

Wednesday night Andrew had spirit night at the local skating rink. I took the kids and Paul met us there.  I am so happy that Andrew has learned finally learned how to skate. They had a pretty good time!

Thursday was of course St. Patrick's Day.

On Friday I had the kids write notes to tie on our balloons. They put their email address on the notes and let them go. As of yet they haven't heard anything back but they sure had a great time sending them off. They said they will do it each time we buy balloons. 

Saturday we went to Park City to see what the outlets had to offer. The kids made out much better than Paul and I did. I had a moment of weakness and almost bought a Coach bag. They had some that were 50% off of the clearance price and then the store was offering 30% off. It would have been a great deal but I didn't do it. I'm still a little sad but I know it's for the best.

On our way home we stopped off in Heber. 

We had a very generous gift certificate for Tommy's BBQ. What do I love? Food! What do I love more than food? Free food!!! We ordered so much stuff trying to use the whole certificate since we don't get up that way very often. It was hilarious how much stuff we got. We got ribs, pulled pork, brisket, tons of sides and a whole pie.

While the girl was packing our food Andrew rode his skateboard around the parking lot. There was no one in sight so even I didn't get nervous. 

Check out the hoodie he got at Volcom LOL! He loves this creepy thing. 

That night we went to Maggie and Robb's for smoked brisket that Robb made. It was delicious and we had a great time being with friends. 

Sunday we ate the free BBQ after church. It was really really good. I will crave that brisket for a long time to come. I got to take a wonderfully long nap that afternoon. It was so nice.

This week the weather went back to cold. We've even had some snow. I'm pushing through with some retail therapy here and there. I will make it but it's hard. 

March Madness was the big focus this week. Paul was so excited that BYU was doing as well as they were. Check out this super cute caramel apple he bought at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. 

We prepared for the big game with more chips than I think we will ever be able to eat. It's sure fun trying though.

At the beginning of this last week I tried adding in some extra exercise which made me really sore so I missed some of my running. Andrew missed a day of school. We had really busy over scheduled days with things that weren't very fun. I just didn't feel as good last week. I'm hoping that the week to come with be a great one.  

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