Saturday, March 12, 2011

Celebrating Fern's Life

Today was grandma's funeral. The service was very nice and the turnout was wonderful. I learned a lot of things I didn't know about Paul's grandma. I didn't know how adventurous she had been. I didn't know about all the places she had lived and traveled to. I didn't know how she had met her eternal companion. (He was a friend of her older brother.) It was truly a wonderful day filled with a lot of memories. I also got to meet family members and cousins I hadn't met before. That was fun. I am grateful for my beliefs of eternity. It brought a lot comfort to all of us to know that she was reunited with the husband she lost so many years ago and that we will get to see her again. 

Grandma's four boys.

We were asked to take some of the flowers in our car.

This is almost all of Fern's grandkids. I think we were only missing four. 

I loved all the flowers. They were beautiful. 

After the graveside we went back to David and Nancy's clubhouse for lunch. While we were there Emma tried on Cousin Jeff's hat. (Per my request) We were informed by Jeff's wife that there is a tradition regarding hats. Whoever puts on a Marine's hat has to give the owner of the hat a kiss. Boy did she blushed when she heard that. Just for the record she didn't kiss Jeff today but she has gotten a little kiss from him in the past ; ) 

This is a page I made of Emma and Jeff in 2006'ish

Here is a cute picture of Grandpa and John I snapped as we were leaving. 

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rlg said...

Very nice tribute for Grandma Vern. Your family looks so beautiful. Andrew looks handsome in the dark suit and Emma looks beautiful. All of you look fabulous. Glad that the day went well. It was enjoyable seeing all of David's brothers and other family members. Love the picture of little Emma with Jeff years ago and then with his hat on today. Very very nice.