Thursday, March 10, 2011

Saturday February 26th

Church basketball is over. (sad face) We all had a great time watching Emma and the team. They were hilarious and provided us a lot of entertainment on Saturday mornings. Overall it was a good experience for Emma even though she wasn't one of the strongest players. I think she improved and her confidence went up through the season. She still enjoys shooting hoops while Paul and I run at the rec. center. 

We had two games on Saturday. One was scheduled and the other was a make-up game from the weekend they went to Winter Camp. 

The first one was a little bit early, 9:00 am and the girls (well Emma) weren't quite awake. The referee had two daughters on the other team so I think the calls were totally not fair. (Once she got them a 20 point lead on our girls she even things out.) The other team was good. They could shoot and they were aggressive. We would have gotten our butts kicked no matter what but seriously, the ref should not have daughters on one of the teams. That still makes me mad. 

Yep it was that bad. 

We went back an hour later for the next game. Just as things were getting started we were told we needed to move buildings. Luckily in Utah there is no shortage of church buildings. We were able to go to the stake center and pay there. We were behind schedule so I'm not sure the game was as long as it should have been. It seemed to go by so fast! They were playing on a full sized court and those poor girls were tired! This game was much more evenly matched. It was really close but in the end our team won.

This is the lowest score of the year. 

While the game was going Andrew lost a tooth. I am so glad that thing came out. He leaves them until they are hanging by a thread and he make icky noises and does all sorts of gross things with his wiggly teeth. 

The tooth fairy came instantly. Oh the joys of having older kids!

My parents had come to watch Emma play her games and when they headed home they took the kids with them leaving Paul and I to have a DATE NIGHT!!!

I wanted to go to the mall for a few reasons but totally stuck out. We left and went down to Provo for a minute. We were going to try a new place but we felt under-dressed and the meal would have been really expensive. We just couldn't decide on what to eat. Finally we went back to the mall and got PF Chang's. It was a great choice. Everything was delicious.


Gennifer said...

Mmm. Lettuce wraps!

rlg said...

The basketball games really were lots of fun. I hope Emma will play again next year.