Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pinewood Derby

We just got home from Andrew's second Pinewood Derby. We did not do well at all. 

This year we let Andrew do a lot of the design and more cutting. Here he is at our neighbor's house cutting out his car with a little help from Paul and I.

He picked the paint color which I like a lot. He sprayed, sprayed and then sprayed some more. He had to be in total control.  

I had read that it is best to have the weight in the back but this car was so light it really didn't create an advantage for us. Last night we took his car to the official weigh in. It was exactly 5 oz after we removed  some weights off the bottom. We could tell it was back heavy thought. It was too late. There wasn't anything we could do at that point. When we got to the race tonight they had sent all the cars down the track to make sure they would all make it. We were told that it popped a wheelie on the way down. 

We were anxious to see how it did. It was bad. It rattle the whole way down. We tried racing it backwards but that didn't help. 

Andrew had a wonderful attitude even though his car sucked the worse. I was really proud of him. He put a lot of time into his car and it would have been easy for him to get upset. 

Here it is getting ready to go down backwards.

There it is in the back of the pack.

Hey at least it made it down.

They gave everyone an award. Andrew earned Judge's Favorite. I thought that was so nice! He was happy with his title. 

Paul and Andrew looking happy even though we were actually pretty embarrassed LOL! Hey there's always next year. 


rlg said...

Poor baby. Sorry his car didn't do better, but proud of him for his good attitude. Pinewood derbys are always so much fun. Andrew is a great kid.

lchiggs said...

It is one of the best looking pinewood cars I've ever seen. Too bad it wasn't fast too!