Saturday, January 22, 2011

Saturday January 8th-Ice Skating

After Christmas I bought myself a "purse camera" so I wouldn't have to drag the giant DSLR around everywhere I went. I took it snowshoeing and was very pleased with the results. When we went ice skating it was all I brought. I was confident that the pictures would be fine. I had battled the big camera in the past. It's a total pain to have on the ice. It can really throw off your balance! I was so excited to only have my little camera...until I looked at the pictures. I was not pleased. We look oddly plastic. Most were fuzzy. It was a failed experiment. These are the only pictures I have though so here we go. 

We went to Peaks Arena in Provo. Out of the two rinks we've tried in Utah it's our favorite place to ice skate. ; )

Emma and Andrew waiting for the Zamboni to finish. 

It's almost time to hit the ice!

This is the first time Andrew skated without a cone or walker thing. He did rather well but he spent a fair amount of time down on the ice. At least he's smiling this year! 

Emma is getting so tall! 

The happy family. (Usually when we skate we aren't all that happy) Overall this trip was a success. Andrew started getting hungry toward the end. When he is hungry he gets very emotional. He began to fall apart and literally cried the whole way to the car and in the car to the mall. We had some things to return to the Provo mall so we got him so food there and he was back to normal in no time. 

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