Saturday, January 22, 2011

Another Game~Another Win

Today was another game day. This time we played at 11:00 am. Yes! When the game started the other team only had four girls. I guess you don't have to forfeit unless you only have three players. I got a little cocky and thought, "we have this. They are going to be exhausted in no time." Boy was I wrong. They were good. One of the girls knew how to play! Another one couldn't miss a shot. They made the first shot, the second, the third. Eek. This isn't good. 

It was so exciting. With the help of some of our older girls we got back in the game. Then we would get behind again. It was back and forth. Finally #32 on the other team (the one who really knew how to play) fouled out right at the end. That was what we needed. We pulled ahead and barely won. It was so, much. fun! Emma actually got a little spunky this time. She needs a lot of practice but she tries. We were proud of her. 

It doesn't get much closer than this! 


Heidi said...

I love this! Brings back such good memories for me. :) One of my dearest friends, Sandy, was my basketball/volleyball coach in young womens. She was a true mentor, and we are still close 25 years later.

rlg said...

Can't wait till we get to come and see Emma play. Looks like lots of fun!