Saturday, January 22, 2011

Before and After

What do you do to avoid the blues in January? Go red! 

A while back Emma wanted to dye her hair. I didn't mind as long as it wasn't permanent. I bought a box called Raspberry Creme. I decided that it was too dark and too red for her complexion. I figured I would use it one of these day. In the meantime I got a coupon for another free box. I went and got one that is more for her coloring but is still suppose to add shine and some red. Thursday night we were bored so we decided to dye our hair. You really can't tell on hers too much. In the sun you can see a little more red. I think it added some depth to her color and some shine. She was disappointed that it wasn't more obvious. 

Mine is that burgundy red that doesn't occur naturally in nature. It's naturally so dark it doesn't really show up too much. That's okay. It's still fun to do something a little different for a change.

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rlg said...

You both have beautiful,thick, shiny hair. Lucky girls!