Saturday, October 16, 2010

Lagoon's Frightmares

The kids had a fall break this past Thursday and Friday. Paul took Friday off. After much debate our family decided to go to Lagoon's Frightmares. Paul didn't really want to go and the kids had been (For the record, they were more than willing to go back.) but I hadn't and I really wanted to go. I am so glad we did! We all had a really good time. I think I had more fun than a 35 year should. (I don't think I'm their target audience. Oh well.) I love Halloween and everything that goes with it. Even hearses. 

My mom came with my brother's kids. The cousins had such a great time together. 

We saw monsters.

And all kinds of creepy characters. These guys walk around and entertain you while you wait in line for the haunted houses. We went through three of them. It was so fun clinging to Paul and getting a little freaked a out. Emma calls this guy Hotty.

I loved all the Halloween decorations and costumes.

I love this picture of Lowell!

Right after this picture this little boy came up to this monster and said "You aren't scary!" The blue guy started chasing the kid and he ran away screaming LOL! It was perfect.

Poor little Cora got so hungry. My mom got her a corn-dog. We kept teasing her that it was bigger than she was. It was huge! 

At this point everyone was getting cold. Paul, Emma and my mom went back out to the cars to get coats and I stayed to watch the kids.  Paul got back first so Cora snuggled with me in my coat. I told her we probably looked like a two-headed monster. ;)

These chain-saw guys were great. There were a lot of them. They were excellent with the littler kids but loved chasing Emma. We saw them dance before a couple of shows. They are really talented. I'm pretty sure most of them are probably girls.

Cora thought they were all way cool and they loved her too.

Emma only liked them when they were on stage dancing.

Paul even admitted he had a really good time. He liked the Haunted Houses and the atmosphere. 

There were lots of these guys hanging around.

Finally it was our turn to play in the shackles. I can't do serious.

This needs to be blown-up and framed.

We stayed until right before closing. Lagoon is no Disneyland (It actually made Paul say he missed Disneyland! That is totally a step in the right direction. Wahoo, I can't wait to go back.) but we got to ride some rides (nothing beats a roller-coster in the dark), see a lot of fun costumes and go through haunted houses. It was great. 


Wingnut said...

I wish I enjoyed Halloween more. We have a lot of corn maze and haunted "fields" type things around us. I wonder if I could talk anyone into going?

rlg said...

I love looking at all the grandchildren together. Thanks for the great pictures. You are the best Mignonne!