Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Home Evening at the Pumpkin Patch

What a beautiful night to go to the pumpkin patch. This is an activity I look forward to all year long. I love spending time and creating memories with my family and this is the perfect setting to do just that.

 You should have seen how excited the kids were when I told them we were going. 

I love pumpkins. I love their color and their unique shapes. Each one is different but still wonderful. This pumpkin patch is my favorite because you get to walk out in the field and look at all the different pumpkins still growing on the vine and pick the one that speaks to you. 

This year they added some additional activities. They had animals that you could feed and pet. They were all so adorable. Look at that little face. Awwww! 

They had a ton of dried corn to feed to the animals.

After we visited the animals we hit the field. It didn't take Andrew long to find a pumpkin. I'm not sure he kept this one though. (We've had some rain lately so most of the pumpkins were muddy) 

I found this one but then got greedy and decided to go back for something larger. This is the first pumpkin that got away. Look how round and lovely it is.

The geese are heading south.

Here is the second pumpkin that got away. I am totally drawn to tall thin pumpkins (Maybe because that is the shape I aspire to be ;) ?) Of course I wanted to see all my options and by the time I got back to this part of the field someone else had gotten this beauty.

Look how cute the short fat one is. I want it too. 

As I waiting for my turn to get a picture with the kids Paul got this shot of Andrew "setting the scene" with all the gourds he had collected along the way. 

You have to admit, it did make for a pretty picture. 

We ran into a family from our neighborhood/church. It was so good to have a friend there to snap pictures for us. I got to take some of her family too. I hope they turn out for them.

I finally remembered to wear one of my Halloween shirts. I usually put them away with the winter/seasonal clothes and don't find them until around Christmas. I was so proud of myself.

I swear, Springville always has *the* best. sunsets. ever! 

Now I know that these are two totally craptastic pictures but I am using them to show scale. These are large bales of hay. The kids are up very high. They loved climbing all around on these things. 

This is Emma getting ready to go to the highest peak. Of course. 

How do you get to the edge, or back? You jump. For the record hay is rather slick. 

Here are both of them on the highest part of the whole thing. I was nervous but just took their picture and let them have some fun. 

These are the pumpkins we came away with. Mine is the one with the giant stem.

I had Jennifer take some more pictures of Paul and I. 

Thanks again Jen. I really really appreciate it.

We went to visit the animals one more time. Look at this cute little guy.

He was ornery though. See that cute little kangaroo? The llama wasn't a huge fan. 

This is him telling the Kangaroo to back off. There was some spit involved. I can now say I have pet a kangaroo though. How cool is that?

Our tradition (this is our second year now to do this) is to go for a treat after the pumpkin patch.

Emma and I got blackberry cobbler, Paul got a frozen mug sundae and Andrew got fries and hot chocolate. 

Note to self: I want to get the chocolate Coca~Cola cake next year. 

It was a great evening. We all had a lot of fun and got a long really well.

I wanted a picture of Paul and I on the love rocker. Emma took it and then we smooched. I will spare you that photo.

I think Paul was waiting/wanting more ;)

We got home and found our neighbors has gotten their house ready for Halloween. I totally adore this idea. I mean I really really really love it. It makes me happy to look across the street and see that face smiling back at me.

Our pumpkins in their new home. I hope no one steals them again this year. I have over a dozen little ones from our garden but I don't want to put them out because they were taken last year. 

One more shot of mine with the gargantuan stem. I will be looking at the grocery stores for a tall thin pumpkin. Mark my words. 


Debbie said...

I loved reading your account of your visit to the pumpkin patch, especially since my family had just gone to one on Sunday. Great pictures! The scenery is so different though with the mountains in the background.

I was surprised when you said that you were thinking of moving to Massachusetts or Maine. That's a big change. I'm assuming that you have lived in Utah all of your life?

I have a friend from work who moved with most of her family to Arizona a few years ago, mostly for her husband's health. They love it there, but her pictures blow me away with how different the scenery is.

I really enjoy seeing the differences in scenery between our two states.

Debbie said...

Wow! From reading your blog I just assumed that you guys had always lived in Utah. It was interesting learning of all your different moves. Paul and I have always lived in Massachusetts. I love to travel but I'm not sure if I could pick up and move far. At least not now that my children are settled here with their families. Now is the time to move, while your kids are young; after that it gets too complicated.

One of the great things about reading other people's blogs is that you get to experience all sorts of different traditions and cultures and even scenery without ever going anywhere. LOL!

Wingnut said...

I'm with you on pumpkins and their color. They are one of my favorite things to take pictures of!

I'll have to ask the kids if they're interested in doing a pumpkin patch this year. It's been a few years since the last we went. And then there's always the "where to fit this into the schedule" problem :P]

Lovely photos!!!