Monday, October 18, 2010

It's That Time of Year Again

I always have a hankering for a good caramel apple but this time of year I can't resist them. I'm still not ready to try to dip whole apples with the kids. It sounds terribly tedious to me so we did the apple caramel fondue again. It is the perfect compromise and we all absolutely love it. 

This year I didn't even bother trying to make it pretty. We just wanted to EAT! I left the caramel in the pan that I melted it in. I didn't even bother with the warmer. Once we dipped it in the caramel we rolled it in the chopped pecans that were on a fancy paper plate.

Then we drizzled some melted chocolate bar over the whole thing. 

It's just like a caramel apple but so much easier and more carameley. 
You know it's good when you get caramel chin hairs.


rlg said...

Wow, those apples look so good! I wish I wasn't always on a diet. One of these days when the holidays come I'm just going to have to make and eat what I want.

Lizz said...

Yum! I love the idea of caramel fondue... did you just melt store bought caramels or make your own?

Anonymous said...

Love this! What a great idea.
Love your blog. Sorry to post anon - I'm Rosie, "Gulfcoastgirl".
Have a great day. Thansk for sharing the apple fondue.

Wingnut said...

I *so* should not have looked at this!

Staci said...

Looks like you all had a great time! :-)